KFAS now accepting applications for Al-Sumait Prize 2016

KUWAIT, Jan 27 (KUNA) — The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) announced Wednesday that is now accepting applications for nomination for Al-Sumait Prize 2016 on Food Security in Africa.
The 2016 prize is worth USD one million and its main objective is to appreciate and recognize best notable projects and renowned achievements in food security in the African continent, the KFAS said in a press statement.
This is the second of Al-Sumait’s annual prizes for African development since its launch last year, the Kuwaiti institute said, adding that it is open for individuals and institutions that wish to participate as accepting applications will last until May 31st.
The prize’s board of trustees will award the prize to individuals and institutions that have made significant advancement within one or more fields through their research projects or initiatives.
Some these projects include developing new varieties of seeds, crops, or livestock which can improve the food security of the poor population in Africa by increasing the calorific and nutritional value or food produced and consumed domestically.
The statement also added that the prize would be awarded to initiatives that aim at improving farmers’ access to agricultural inputs, techniques, technologies, and markets so as to increase the availability of staple products which form a core part of the diet of the poorest people in Africa.
The awarded projects should help African nations to overcome poverty, hunger, lack of potable water, injustice or to improve health care, literacy, and the allocation of economic resources, said KFAS, adding that the prize should also highlight successes within food security, health, and education. (end) zak.nfa.ma