Kerry urges Syrian sides in Geneva talks to “seize the opportunity”

WASHINGTON, Jan 31 (KUNA) — Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday appealed to the parties participating in the Syrian peace talks in Geneva to “seize the opportunity for serious negotiations.
“Officials from the Syrian regime and an inclusive opposition, represented by the High Negotiations Committee, begin UN-sponsored negotiations in Geneva,” Kerry said in a video statement released by the State Department.
“This morning, in light of what is at stake in these talks, I appeal to both sides to make the most of this moment – to seize the opportunity for serious negotiations – to negotiate in good faith, with the goal of making concrete, measurable progress in the days immediately ahead,” he said.
“The world is hoping that both sides will move quickly to meet the needs of millions of desperate Syrians, to reduce the pressure on neighboring countries, to reduce the levels of migration, and to help restore peace and stability,” he said. (end)