Jordan’s Planning Minister Meets Donors’ Representatives

Amman, March 26 Jordan’s Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Imad Fakhoury, on Saturday, said Jordan pins hopes on donor nations and UN organizations to follow up on the pledges they made to Jordan in a February London conference on the Syrian refugee crisis.

The minister told a meeting with representatives of donors and UN bodies that the commitments are needed to help the Kingdom fully implement its national response plan to the Syrian refugee crisis, reported Jordan Petra news agency.

Fakhoury emphasized that joint work is needed to translate the international community’s pledges on the ground to help the Kingdom overcome the repercussions of the refugees crisis and finance priority projects.

He also highlighted the national response plan which was devised in cooperation with the United Kingdom, World Bank and the European Union and other partners. The minister noted that the plan will be aligned with a recent census on population and housing.

Source: Qatar News Agency