Jordan’s Mobile Device Imports Decline Amid Taxation and Regional Turbulence

Amman – Jordan has reported a significant decrease in the importation of cellular devices in the first nine months of 2023, with a total of approximately 1.276 million units brought into the country. This decline marks a shift in the nation’s mobile device market dynamics.

According to Jordan News Agency, the head of the association, this downturn in imports reflects a broader trend when compared to previous years. In 2022, Jordan’s total import value for cellular devices was JD174 million, indicating a 16 percent decrease from 2021.

The Vision Association for Mobile Devices Investors disclosed in a statement on Tuesday that the imports for the first quarter stood at 410,000 devices valued at JD43 million. The second quarter saw 342,000 devices worth JD32 million, while the third quarter ended with 524,000 devices amounting to JD36.6 million.

Alloush attributed this decline primarily to the 16 percent tax imposed on cellular devices. He explained that this tax has directly affected the volume of imports and consequently the prices of devices for the end consumer.

In light of these challenges, Alloush has called on the Jordanian government to implement supportive measures for the growth of the sector, which has been experiencing a consistent year-over-year decline. He also voiced concerns about the potential for further downturns due to the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, which he believes could negatively impact visitor and tourist movement in the region.

Alloush stressed the need for proactive strategies to safeguard various economic sectors in Jordan, including the mobile device market, in the face of these external and internal pressures.

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