Jordan's King affirms coordination with GCC leaders

AMMAN, March 4 (KUNA) — King Abdullah II of Jordan has asserted the continuous coordination and consultation with GCC leaders on how to best serve their joint interests.
The King also underscored the strong ties binding the two sides.
The King’s remarks came in a meeting with with a number of local newspaper Editor-in-Chiefs last night.
King Abdullah II added that the priority of Jordan is maintaining security, adding that Jordanian Armed Forces are facing challenges on a daily basis, saying that such challenges are being dealt with efficiently, affirming his robust trust in the Jordanian army.
The Jordanian leader said such challenges mirror what’s taking place in the region, including the ongoing crises in the region.
King Abdullah added that confronting radicalism is considered one of the top national issues that must be dealt with, particularly in raising awareness on how to protect the nation through the Jordanian media. (end) mjb.mb