DOHA, The Qatari capital Doha will host on Monday, a three-day Jordanian-Qatari economic forum that is organized by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Amman Chamber of Industry and Jordan Investment Authority.

On the sidelines of the forum, the Jordanian-Qatari Business Council will also convene and discuss economic and trade issues to help develop and upgrade investment opportunities in both countries. The Jordan Industrial Fair will also be held under the theme” Jordan today”.

A total of 40 Jordanian businessmen representing the private sector led by President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce Nael kabariti, arrived in Doha yesterday.

Jordan’s Ambassador to Qatar Zahi Mohammad Smadi said all preparations have been taken to ensure the success of the forum.

In a statement to Petra, he voiced hope that event will contribute to boosting economic, trade and investment ties between Jordan and Qatar.

“The volume of Qatar investments in the Kingdom stands at $1.6 billion, but they it does not reflect the strong ties between the two countries and does not meet the aspirations of the two sides,” he added.

Smadi said that a lager number of Qatari businessmen and investors will take part in the forum and the council’s meeting, expressing hope that Jordanian businessmen will set up new partnerships with their Qatari counterparts.

Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sheikh Khalifah Bin Jasim Al Thani, voiced hope that meetings between the two sides will contribute to forging closer economic ties between the two countries.

In a statement to Petra, he highlighted the strong ties between Jordan and Qatar, mainly in the economic and investment fields.

Source: Nam News Network