Jordanian Minister Highlights Importance of Kuwaiti Investments

Amman – Jordan’s Minister of Investment, Kholoud Saqqaf, emphasized the significance of Kuwaiti investments in Jordan during a meeting with the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Jordan, Hamad Al-Marri, on Monday. The meeting focused on strengthening bilateral relations, particularly in the investment sector.

According to Jordan News Agency, Kuwaiti investments are the largest foreign contributions to Jordan’s economy, impacting various sectors including finance, tourism, communications, energy, real estate, and infrastructure. Saqqaf’s remarks came as part of a broader discussion on ways to enhance Jordan-Kuwait bilateral ties, especially in investment.

During the meeting, Saqqaf praised the strong bilateral relations between Jordan and Kuwait, which she attributed to the wise leadership and mutual respect shared by the two countries. She noted that these relations aim to serve the interests of both nations.

Saqqaf detailed the Ministry of Investment’s efforts in attracting Arab and foreign investments and improving the investment climate in Jordan. She highlighted the investment promotion strategy for 2023-2026, which focuses on several target markets, including Kuwait.

The minister also discussed key reforms that have positively impacted Jordan’s business environment, aligning with the Economic Modernization Vision. These include the approval of the Investment Environment Law, regulations pursuant to it, and the Law on Partnership Projects between the Public and Private Sectors.

Saqqaf pointed out the promising investment opportunities available in Jordan across multiple sectors. She encouraged investors to explore these opportunities through the platform, launched by the Ministry of Investment to facilitate communication with local and global investors.

The Kuwaiti ambassador, in turn, expressed Kuwait’s pride in its relationship with Jordan and its commitment to further developing and consolidating these ties. He emphasized the importance of strengthening bilateral relations, particularly in the investment field.

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