Jordanian International Affairs Association hosts UAE, Saudi, Egyptian ambassadors on dialogue about Qatar crisis.


Bilal Rabie Al Bodour, UAE Ambassador to Jordan, called on media persons and columnists to maintain responsibility and honesty when writing about the Qatar crisis.

”The media should report accurate facts that show Qatar is acting against Arab-Islamic interests and against the humanity by supporting terrorist groups,”Al Bodour was speaking during a dialogue hosted by the International Affairs Association about the crisis along with Egyptian and Saudi ambassadors to Jordan.

”The crisis is between Qatar and Arab countries and not an inter-Gulf one because Qatar’s policy and media have harmed Arab countries,” he explained.

Prince Khalid bin Faisal Al Saud, Saudi Ambassador to Jordan, said the Arab countries had fed up with the Qatari policies.

”The boycotting countries have exhausted all possible soft diplomatic means with Qatar, but to no avail,” he affirmed.

Egyptian Ambassador Tareq Adel spoke about Qatar’s persistent interferences in Egypt’s internal affairs even before 2012.

Doha, he stressed, is demanded to honour the commitments it signed, especially about stopping its support to terrorist groups.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs