Japan to Maintain Russia Sanctions Along with Economic Project

Tokyo, Japan will adopt a two-prong policy on Russia of maintaining sanctions in line with the Group of Seven’s protest against the seizure of Crimea, while also helping to boost the Russian economy, government sources said Sunday.

According to Japan news agency (Kyodo), Japan will explain to other G-7 countries the need for the policy both to settle bilateral issues and allay growing concerns that Tokyo could withdraw from the anti-Russia coalition over the Crimea annexation, the sources said.

The country Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government believes in improving ties with Russia but that this does not preclude staying tough on the Crimea issue, the sources said.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin in mid December visited Japan and met with Shinzo Abe, where they discussed a number of issues, including the Syrian crisis, Ukraine issue and a number of disputed islands.

Source: Qatar News Agency