Japan FM raps N. Korean nuke, missile development

TOKYO, March 4 (KUNA) — Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida reiterated on Friday that North Korea’s nuclear and missile development is totally unacceptable, as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered the country’s nuclear warheads should be ready for use at any time.
“Japan absolutely cannot accept North Korea’s nuclear and missile development. In coordination with the international community, Japan must demand North Korea to exercise restraint and to respect UN Security Council resolutions and a joint statement of the six-party talks,” Kishida told reporters.
The minister made remarks after North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency reported Friday that Kim has told the nation’s military to have its nuclear warheads deployed so that they can be fired at any moment.
The leader has also said Pyongyang will upgrade its military posture to be prepared to launch preemptive attacks against its enemies, according to the report.
The move came following the UN Security Council’s adoption on Wednesday of its harshest-ever resolution punishing Pyongyang for its fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6 and subsequent launch of a long-range ballistic rocket on Feb. 7. (end) mk.tg