January Events at Qatar National Library to Highlight Self-Development

Visitors from across Qatar can kick-start the year by taking part in a series of unique events at Qatar National Library in January 2019. The events focus on opportunities for essential continuing education for everyone.

Children are encouraged to take part in the ‘Children’s Library Winter Book Swap,’ from 1 to 5 January, and exchange their books with new titles for the winter months. Those interested need to register at the Library on 1 and 2 January, and receive participation tickets.

On 11 January, award-winning author Omar Khawaja will hold a story time for children at the Library, and will talk about his famous storybook series, Ilyas & Duck. The books combine characters, which readers can relate to, with beautiful illustrations and compelling stories to provide kids with a unique reading experience.

Hind Al Khulaifi, Manager of Children’s and Young Adults’ Library, said: Our programs and events in January are uniquely designed to suit the needs of everyone. These events will encourage children to test their creativity and think outside the box, and also offer other members of the community the opportunity to engage in continuing education activities.

Dr. Ma’moun Mobayed, Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Treatment and Rehabilitation Department at the Behavioral Healthcare Center, will lead an interactive workshop focusing on the value of emotional intelligence. The workshop, taking place on 12 January, will answer questions related to measuring and improving emotional intelligence.

Academics, researchers, students, and the wider community are invited to attend an informative talk entitled, ‘A Digital Journey to the Past: Inside the Qatar Digital Library,’ on 8 January. The talk will be jointly conducted by Dr. James Onley, Director of Historical Research and Partnerships at Qatar National Library, and Richard Davies, Head of the British Library – Qatar Foundation Partnership in London. The two speakers will shed light on the British Library records that have been part of the Qatar Digital Library since 2014, and the future of the online platform.

On 5 January, aspiring artists are invited to take part in ‘Golden Leaf Canvas Painting with Hobby House Qatar.’ Participants will have the chance to practice their artistic skills at the event by creating their own masterpieces through the use of golden leaf on canvas, which is an integral part of the Arab and Islamic culture.

On 19 January, the Library’s Science Book Forum will hold its first session of the year, entitled: ‘The Amazing Story of Qatar’s Tsunamis and Floods.’ The session will focus on how tsunamis and floods have shaped Qatar’s development and its identity. Attendees at the lecture will learn about the impact of these phenomena on Qatar’s surface, coast and the environment.

Additionally, the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra will hold its monthly concert series at the Library on 17 January.

Other events taking place at the Library in January will focus on helping attendees improve their research, creative writing, and leadership skills, and include: ‘The Power of Paradigms: Understanding How Others Perceive the World’; ‘English Creative Writing Circle’; ‘Introduction to 3D Modeling’; ‘Creative Leadership Skills’; ‘Presenting Your Scientific Research Workshop’; and ‘Apps for the Visually Impaired.’

Source: Qatar National Library