It is time to look into the future with confidence and optimism: Mohammed bin Rashid

WAM DUBAI, 1st December, 2013 (WAM) — His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai has reaffirmed the keenness of the U.A.E. leadership, government and people for economic and cultural openness and contribution to the peace and amity among peoples of the world.

In his speech to mark the 42nd anniversary of the U.A.E. National Day, published by ”Dira’a Al Watan” magazine, Sheikh Mohammed highlighted the achievements made by the U.A.E. in 2013 including, among others, the accelerated pace of economic growth.

He paid homage to the forefathers who preserved this land by standing firm against all challenges and by defying the harsh environment, scarce resources and difficult living conditions and congratulated His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the country, who is leading the Emirates through the avenues of advancement and who is giving the federation an impetus to grow stronger.

“This year,” he noted, “The U.A.E. made the largest progress ever made in the fields of global competitiveness, according to reports by the United Nations and other international organisations concerned with comprehensive development, modernity, stability, prosperity and happiness.” Spelling out some of many achievements the U.A.E. has made, Sheikh Mohammed said, ”Our country has made achievements in all domains. Our economy continues to flourish, registering the highest growth rates in the region and counted among the best performing in the world. The government’s budget for 2011-13, made a big success, leading to marked improvements in the use of resources and development of government performance. The three-year 2013-16 budget, with a 15 percent increase, was issued and half of its expenses have been allocated for social benefits to citizens and human development programmes, being the main pillar for the government’s policies, plans, strategies and initiatives.

”The success of our country was not a product of mere chance, but as a result of the leadership’s vision, planning and keen interest in serving the country and its citizens. It is a result of continuous interaction among different generations and the unique relation of trust and allegiance between the people and their leader. It is a result of self-development, knowledge and the ability to adapt to changes. Our success is complemented by our optimistic forward looking, yearning for excellence, encouraging innovation and believing that failure is just another experience in life and a good lesson for the next attempt.

”As much proud as we are, we are not going to be intoxicated by these successes. They are in fact, an alarm for us to continue shouldering our responsibilities and a call for us to rally our efforts and to move on with our task of achieving further progress to our country,” he added.

Sheikh Mohammed said, ”It is time to look into the future with confidence and optimism. We stand on a solid ground. Our people are enjoying the fruits of the development process and becoming an essential part of it. Our country is enjoying respect and making a strong presence in international arenas and becoming an icon for determination for success.” The Vice President noted that just a few days before celebrating the 42nd National Day anniversary, all these indices culminated in the resounding win as the country was announced winner of the Expo 2020 hosting bid, following an arduous 2-year journey of competition with internationally-renowned cities.

”As His Highness Sheikh Khalifa affirmed, our joy in the U.A.E. was doubled by the win as it coincides with the celebrations of the 42nd National Day. This success was the culmination of a series of successes and great achievements the U.A.E. has been incessantly making since its establishment 42 years ago to remain in the lead in all fields.

”We have a lot to accomplish and we have no excuse for any delays or poor performance. We have what it takes to achieve as we are blessed with rich resources, capabilities, expertise, positive energy, thirst for knowledge, dedication and above all, the leadership’s unlimited support,” Sheikh Mohammed emphasised.

The future, he continued to say, is for everyone, but only those who heed its call, speak its language and explore its directions, will be able to get a fair share of it. ”Future knows no waiting, delay or procrastination. Therefore, our only choice in the U.A.E. is to put future at the hearts of our plans. We should make the future by competing for a place in it.

”We speak the same language of the future and we are ready for its challenges, without ignoring challenges of the present.” Farther afield, Sheikh Mohamed said,”We closely monitor the developments in the region and the world and do what we can to enhance regional security and stability and in supporting peoples’ right for the determination of their future. We help fraternal countries with their development plans.” more WAM/MAB/CM WAM/CM/TF

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