Israeli troops ransack campus of Al-Quds University

RAMALLAH, Jan 29 (KUNA) — Up to 300 Israeli troops ransacked the campus of Al-Quds university in the township of Abu Dais, breaking doors and computers, shattering glass and scattering students’ papers, said university vice president Dr. Hassan Duwaik on Friday.
The ransacking, which included confiscating numerous documents on students’ activities, stretched for two hours, Dr.Duwaik said in a statement to KUNA.
Deeming it a major violation and an act of hostility to an academic institution, he vowed that this matter would be taken up with international human rights organizations in an attempt to ward off such incidents in the future.
This was not the first time that Israeli troops had violated the sanctity of a university campus, he noted, recalling that they had done the same about a month ago at Beir Zai university in the West Bank and Khadhouri university in the city of Tolkarem.
It is significant to note that Palestinian university students were at the forefront of leading large demonstrations that started last October against Israeli occupation and these demonstrations are ongoing. Israeli troops have cracked down on the demonstrators, arresting scores of them. (end) nq.ajs