Baghdad – As Iraqi forces advance towards its last strongholds, ISIS group set fire to a number of utility networks in a number of areas of the city of Mosul, especially power generators and sewerage networks in addition to destroying the remaining drinking water supply networks.

According to an Iraqi security source, smoke cloud covered the sky of the Rifai area, northwest of Mosul, after ISIS militants set fire to electricity generators and sewerage networks. The source stressed that these operations are meant to prevent Iraqi forces from advancing towards their last strongholds and to intimidate civilians from risking leaving the area.

In another context, the War Media Cell reported that Iraqi warplanes launched an air strike on one of ISIS strongholds in Al Ba’aj district west of Mosul, destroying a car bomb factory, a training camp and killing a number of militants.

It added that Iraqi forces destroyed another camp used for making explosive devices in Diyala, northeast of Iraq and a large warehouse of weapons and ammunition in addition to a food store.

Source: Qatar News Agency