Isfar Sarabski: Our culture is our weapon!

By: Amina Nazarli

The world is full of mysteries. There are some mysteries which one finds difficult to understand. There are others which enable one to realize the world and there are mysteries which inspires us to make great career.

Music is supposed to be the most mysterious phenomenon of the world. It appeared even before the human appeared on the earth. Music remains the only common language among all nations across the globe.

A young man playing splendid compositions in piano inspires many with this magic musical instrument. He is attractive with his smart talent. He thrills up the souls of many lovers with his enigmatic music. Endless love to music greatly helped him to shine despite being too young.

“Music is part of my life without which I cannot imagine my life,” Isfar Sarabski says.

The talented composer expresses his feelings, emotions and moods through music.

His energy and style have a magical effect on the audience, bringing people into a trance and taking them into the world of music.

The success lies in musician’s accuracy and detailed approach to his repertoire during each concert.

“I usually look around the hall from behind the scenes before the concert. Taking into consideration the age of the audience in the hall, I may make some changes in the repertoire of the concert,” says the winner of Jazz Festival Montreux 2009.

The greatest pleasure for a musician is the applauses of his fans that sound in his ears till coming home. Undoubtedly, this is the happiest moment in the creativity of any musician, Isfar notes. “Sometimes I even cannot fall asleep. I remember every moment and applauses of the concert.”

Isfar, who shows his love to motherland through promoting national music abroad, maintains the idea of demonstrating patriotism by deeds, not by words.

“Azerbaijan’s music is something mysterious with its unusual and rich folklore for foreign audience,” he says

“Our culture is our weapon!” the winner of Jazz Festival Montreux 2009 competition says.

“I performed with accompany of trio and Tar (Azerbaijan ancient national instrument), what is loved by European public,” he said with proud.

Azerbaijan’s young and talented pianist draws inspiration from the beauty of Azerbaijan saying that our holidays and traditions are the source of inspiration for him.

“In 2008, I wrote “Novruz” composition. This work was written under the impression of Novruz holiday (Azerbaijani national holiday).

This composition occupies a special place in his repertoire, and is met with great success at each concert.

Following the footsteps of Azerbaijan’s great jazz man Vagif Mustafazade, who built a unique synthesis of Mugam melody with jazz, gambler and plastic Isfar doesn’t like to put himself into the frames and applies tones of jazz and classic music while creating his compositions. Elements of Mugam embellishes his works giving them unusual charm.

Music is mystery, the phenomenon which dismisses any explanation. Our hero is also far from revealing the mystery as that is mystery…