Iraqi Forces Fends Off ISIS Attack in Northern Mosul

Baghdad, The Iraqi forces fended off today an attack by ISIS in the North of Mosul where they used dozens of suicide attacks and bombs.

An Iraqi security source said that the attack targeted a police academy and a number of military checkpoints located in the North of the city of Mosul . In the academy, the Iraqi forces killed five terrorists and fended off three car bomb attacks. Another intersection near the academy saw a confrontation that led to the killing of 21 ISIS elements.

In the East of Mosul, seven civilians were killed, including a woman and one child, in a shelling done by ISIS. The shelling targeted Al Noor area with dozens of rockets, killing 12 civilians.

The international coalition for its part conducted an aerial attack on ISIS in the West of Mosul, killing nine including some of the group’s leaders.

Source: Qatar News Agency