Iraqi army repels IS attack on S. Mosul

IRBIL, Aug 7 (KUNA) — Iraqi forces, with air support from the US-led international coalition, have repulsed an attack by the so-called Islamic State (IS) on villages south of Mosul.
The Nineveh Operations Command repelled the attack on the Mosul villages, supported by the coalition air force, the War Media Dept. said in a statement on Sunday.
According to the Media Dept., scores of IS fighters were killed, and three vehicles, three mortars and a missile pad were destroyed in the attack.
Earlier, an official in southern Mosul’s Qayara said that about 15 IS suicide bombers, wearing explosive belts, attacked the village of Ajhala, 60 km south of the city, but many were killed by the Iraqi army, while few blew themselves up.
In addition, 11 people, five military personnel, a first lieutenant and five civilians, were killed in the attack. Search is underway for five suicide bombers who managed to infiltrate into the village, the official said.
The first stage of military operations kicked off on March 23 to liberate Mosul from IS, and since then the Iraqi forces has recaptures vast areas.
The Iraqi government is hard at work to retake the areas around Mosul paving the way for a wide scale attack to recapture the city that has been controlled by IS since June 2014. (end) sbr.msa

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