Iraq “strongly condemns” attack against Turkey

BAGHDAD, March 14 (KUNA) — Iraq condemned the car bomb explosion that hit the Turkish capital Ankara, killing tens of people and wounding more others, Iraqi Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said on Monday.
Spokesperson Ahmad Jamal said that his country “strongly denounce” the “terrorist” attack that targeted innocent people in Ankara.
“Iraq stand on the side of Turkey against any sporadic attacks,” He called on more cooperation among the nations of the region against criminal groups that try to destabilize security.
“Islamic and international countries should intensify their effort to fend off any dangers that face the region,” he pointed out.
A car bomb has exploded in the Turkish capital Ankara, killing 37 people and wounding more than 100, the health ministry has said.
The explosion happened in Guven Park in the Kizilay district, a key transport hub and commercial area.
Several vehicles at the scene were reduced to burnt-out wrecks, including at least one bus.
Last month, a bomb attack on a military convoy in Ankara killed 28 people and wounded dozens more. (end) ahh.nfm