Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan: “Javad Heyat willed to be buried in Tehran and we gave consent to it”

Baku: “Well-known Azerbaijani surgeon, Professor Javad Heyat, who died in Baku on August 12, expressed in his testament submitted to the Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan that he wanted to be buried in Tehran.”

Spokesman for the embassy of Iran in Azerbaijan Sayed Mohammad Ayatullahi said it while responding to APA’s question.

He said that after the death, his family members submitted the testament to the Embassy, but later the decision was changed: “We wanted to bury him in “Ibn Babawayh Cemetery” in Tehran according to his will. However, his family decided to bury him in Baku, we respect this decision.”

Ayatullahi underlined standing friendship and commitment between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Azerbaijan: “Dr. Heyat is the pride of the people of the two countries. I feel it my duty to express my gratitude to the Azerbaijani officials for holding a descent farewell ceremony for the deceased.”

Javad Heyat, who died at the age of 89 in Baku, was buried in the second Alley of Honor.