Iran meeting N-deal obligations but “needs to stop” destabilizing activities – US

WASHINGTON, March 30 (KUNA) — The US said on Wednesday that Iran is meeting its obligations under the mid-2015 nuclear deal agreed with world powers, but said that Tehran needs to stop its “destabilizing activities” in the region.
“We would certainly be much more comfortable and happy to see Iran cease the other destabilizing activities which it continues to support,” State Department Spokesman John Kirby said in a press briefing.
Kirby outlined these destabilizing activities as Iran’s “support for terrorists and terrorist networks, and of course, the pursuit of ballistic missile technologies and the testing of those technologies.” Based on the July 2015 JCPOA agreement’s framework, Iran should redesign, convert, and reduce its nuclear facilities, enrichment capacity, enrichment level and stockpiles.
However, on March 9, Iran test-fired two ballistic missiles only a day after missile tests which the US said were in violation of a UN resolution.
“We absolutely would like to see that stop,” said Kirby, adding however that the US continues “to believe that they are meeting their obligations under the JCPOA.” The US is “not turning a blind eye to the other thing that they are doing” which is destabilizing to the region and violates other sanctions and Security Council resolutions, he added.
“It needs to stop and that’s why we have a robust military presence in the region. And that’s why we have other tools at our disposal to hold them to account for this de-stabilizing activity,” he said. (end) sd.hb