The Sixth Interprofessional Education (IPE) activity titled Being an Effective Team Player was held in Qatar University (QU) recently, engaging a total of 13 facilitators and 154 students from five health professions, pharmacy, biomedical sciences, public health, medicine, and respiratory therapy. The activity emphasized the importance of interprofessional collaboration and teamwork in providing health care for patients as well as the importance of effective communication among team members.

During the activity, the students participated in two sessions, one focused on a video reflection entitled Exploring the Concept of Team Communication and Decision Making and a cased based discussion on a patient admitted with a paracetamol overdose who passed away due to multiple miscommunications between the health care team.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, College of Pharmacy and QU Health IPE Committee Chair Dr Alla El-Awaisi said, The aim of this IPE activity was to provide health care students with the opportunity to learn and reflect on their abilities to understand and respect the role and responsibility of other health care professionals working in their practice setting. QU Health offers many opportunities for health care students in Qatar to engage with IPE which is crucial to improving patient safety by improving the interprofessional communication and collaboration between the different professions.

Assistant Professor of Public Health, College of Health Sciences Dr Mujahed M A Shraim said, It was a nice experience for me to interact with students and facilitate the IPE session on being an effective team player. It is rewarding to see students understand and value the importance of teamwork in health care, which is essential for enhancing patient safety and improving health care outcomes.

College of the North Atlantic � Qatar faculty member, Respiratory Therapy Program, Timothy Brewster said, The students were engaged and empowered throughout the case study as they offered ideas unique to their occupational perspectives.”

QU College of Pharmacy student, Turfa Awrans Al-Hathal, said, This IPE event was a great chance for us as students to communicate and gain knowledge from other health profession students in order to provide optimal patient-centered care. This IPE event prepared us to be effective partners in the health care team. It showed us the value of how sharing responsibilities and good communication can prevent potential medical errors. Good collaboration between health care providers will ensure patients receive safe and high-quality care. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the development of the health care system.

Source: Qatar University