Int'l conf. on social responsibility opens in Qatar

DOHA, March 26 (KUNA) — Vice Chairperson of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) Sheikha Hind Al-Thani on Saturday inaugurated the First International Scientific Conference on Social Responsibility.
The event brought together more than 40 academics and researchers from 14 countries, foremost among who are Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Faisal without Borders Foundation (Alf) Sheikh Faisal Al-Thani and Qatari Minister of Energy and Industry Dr. Mohammad Al-Sada as well as public figures and foreign diplomats based in Doha.
The gathering aims to shed light on the role of social responsibility in economic development and the prosperity of communities, Sheikh Faisal said in his inaugural speech.
Al-Faisal Social Responsibility Center, an affiliate of Alf, believes that social responsibility is a human and national duty and must be seen as one of the most important pillars of sustainable development, QNA quoted him as saying.
“Social responsibility is one of the pillars of social life and a means of development for communities; it is necessary for social responsibility to go beyond the concept of charity to include solutions that address the constraints and challenges and work to find solutions to the problems facing economic growth,” Sheikh Faisal pointed out.
He called on Qatari institutions to incorporate social responsibility in their corporate plans to contribute in the development of society and achieve greater prosperity and well-being.
Director of Al-Faisal Social Responsibility Center Mubaraka Hamad Al-Marri said the center’s vision focuses on promotion of the culture of serving the society and encouraging innovative initiatives for social responsibility on the local and regional levels.
“The center has already launched several initiative and pilot programs to promote social responsibility,” she added.
Meanwhile, Alf Chief Executive Officer Ali Talal Al-Mar’ei said the current conference is meant to share the best experiences and practices in this field.
“The conference will lay down a strategy for boosting the concept of the social responsibility and raising public awareness about the relevant scientific standards,” he added.
Debates during the conference focus on three topics; first, the emergence of social responsibility and related concepts, trends and schools of thought embodying the philosophical values and objectives.
Second, the measurement of reality, knowledge of opportunities for communities, the internal and external challenges for social responsibility, moral obligation and the emergence of inter-relationships.
Third, the reality of social responsibility and its role in the knowledge economy, how to avoid obstacles that prevent it from playing that role, and build strategic scenarios to deal with the horizon of social responsibility.
Al-Faisal without Borders Foundation is a charity established in 2011 by Sheikh Faisal Al-Thani. (end)