International Praise for Qatar’s Great Role in Supporting Humanitarian Efforts in Somalia

HE the UN Secretary-General’s Humanitarian Envoy Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Muraikhi, praised Qatar’s role in supporting the Somali Republic and the interaction shown by the government and Qatari humanitarian organizations in the crisis there.

In a press statement on the sidelines of the workshop, which was hosted by the Foreign Ministry today, Al Muraikhi said that the security situation in Somalia has a significant impact on the delivery of aid and represents a great challenge for its beneficiaries.

He stressed the importance of the role played by relief organizations of the United Nations and charitable organizations operating in Somalia, noting that the UN is in constant contact and coordination with the Somali government to reduce the impact of the humanitarian crisis there and mitigate its effects and consequences.

The UN Secretary-General’s Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs said that the workshop aims to bring together the actors from Qatar and its counterparts from the United Nations organizations to coordinate with each other to overcome the obstacles facing efforts to provide assistance to Somalia. United Nations organizations in the easiest way and to be in line with the development plan developed by the Somali Government in cooperation with the United Nations.

“There is significant progress in the development process in Somalia, whose government is recently cooperating with the United Nations humanitarian organizations and is making great efforts to achieve peace and provide facilities for humanitarian organizations working there,” he said.

Dr. Al Muraikhi stressed that the goal of the humanitarian organizations in the United Nations is to eradicate the famine in Somalia and to seek to ensure that it does not occur, noting that there is an urgent need to provide assistance to the affected people, especially those who lost their source of livelihood.

Al Muraikhi added that UN organizations are working with the World Bank to provide a balance between development and humanitarian assistance, and to enhance cooperation and effective coordination between humanitarian organizations and development funds.

During the workshop, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Representative in Somalia Peter de Clercq reviewed the efforts of the State of Qatar in its ongoing support for Somali people, pointing out that the Qatari assistance to Somalia plays a key role in helping the United Nations play its role in achieving the goals of the Somali government and its national development plan.

Peter de Clercq gave a detailed account of the humanitarian situation in Somalia and efforts to ensure that it is not hit by famine due to droughts, focusing on efforts and long-term development programs by Gulf governments and the United Nations to find out the causes of humanitarian crises in Somalia, including food security and displacement.

“Somalia is going through a critical economic and social stage,” he said, stressing that expanding humanitarian aid had prevented famine, but that parts of the country were still at risk. An estimated 6.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, Urgent need for relief aid “.

The UNDP representative in Somalia said that humanitarian assistance reaches more than 3 million people per month as a result of monitoring more than a billion dollars since the beginning of this year of this assistance, but he said that there are several sectors need more support, including food security and sources of income to avoid Famine during the last quarter of this year.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs