Doha, – The International Conference on ‘Humanitarian Action between East and West’ organized by the Eid Charity Foundation kicked off in Doha on Sunday with the participation of local, regional and international humanitarian organizations.

The Conference aims to enhance cooperation, establish field work partnerships, fund humanitarian projects and build peace among charitable organizations with different backgrounds and orientations.

Participants will discuss four topics on “Charitable Cooperation Between Challenges And Opportunities”; “The War On Terrorism, International Classifications and Their Impact on Charitable Activity”; “Past and Current Experiences, Charting Future Prospects and Launching a Humanitarian Ground For Charitable Activity in Geneva.” Ali bin Abdullah al-Suwaidi, Director – General of Eid Charity, who presides over the Conference, said the State of Qatar, which hosts this international conference, has made humanitarian activity a top priority.

In his opening speech of the Conference, al-Suwaidi pointed out that humanitarian action faces nowadays serious challenges amid complicated issues and growing problems.

Humanitarian workers were no longer immune to increasingly complex challenges, he warned.

The conference is aimed at enhancing cooperation with international partners and bring together efforts to overcome obstacles to aid to the needy people, he went on saying.

The conference ‘ issues and themes pave the way to achieve positive results that would positively reflect on the reality of humanitarian action to alleviate crises and disasters and also provide human relief regardless of any race, ethnicity or religion considerations, he added.

For his part, Dr. Kerem Kinik, the General President of the Turkish Red Crescent Society, stressed that this conference is of special importance thanks to the issues discussed and the desired outcomes, the most important of which is the building of a cooperative system among humanitarian organizations in the East and West.

He pointed out to the humanitarian crises in the region in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, southern Sudan and Somalia as well as the natural disasters that hit many areas in the Islamic world.

He reviewed figures and statistics on the size of the humanitarian crises among the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member States along with dangers that threaten millions of people such as famines, wars, conflicts and other disasters and crises.

In this context, Dr. Kinik highlighted the role being played by the Turkish Red Crescent Society in humanitarian action in countries of the Islamic world. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency