Interior Ministry Launches Biometric Data Activation Office for HIA e-Gate Users

Doha, The Ministry of Interior’s Airport Security and Passports Department has opened an office for the activate of e-gate services both at the departure and arrival terminals of Hamad International Airport.
The system is available for use for any resident over 18 years of age through their ID and passport whether they were departing or arriving in the country.
The office includes five self-service machines to facilitate travel procedures through e-gates for those who didn’t have their biometric data activated before, Colonel Muhammad Rashid Al Mazroui, director of the Airport Security and Passports Department, said.
Travelers can now update their biometric data in less than a minute thanks to a software that the ministry introduced to the self-service machines, Al Mazroui said, adding that a lot of residents’ data are recorded in the biometric database and e-gates use these data, which makes it easier and faster to finish the check process at the e-gates.
“The biometric data activation office works around the hour and has a technician to assist travelers in case they were unable to update their data at the [self-service] machine,” Al Mazroui said.
He added that the ministry is working to increase the number of e-gates at the departure and arrival terminals to 35 to address the increasing need of travelers to adopt smart technology in finalizing their travel procedures.
He also invited travelers to use e-gates to ease their travel experience without the need to line up for passport control counters, noting that a counter was placed near the e-gates to assist residents in case they needed help in using e-gates or requested an exit stamp in their passports.

Source: Qatar News Agency