Doha – The Ministry of Interior inaugurated Monday Umm Bab Coastal Center in the Western District of the General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security, as part of the Ministry’s plans to strengthen and tighten security control over the State’s coastal and maritime borders in addition to search and rescue operations.

HE Director-General of Public Security Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim Al Khulaifi opened the center in the presence of a number of officials at the Ministry of Interior. The center includes a center for homeland security system , administrative offices, a seaport capable of absorbing maritime media and patrols, coastal patrol cars and a maintenance workshop.

In remarks after touring the center, HE the Director-General of Public Security said that the new center of the Western District is one of the most modern and important centers because of its geographical location and the area it serves.

He noted that the center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and marine boats that enable it to perform its tasks efficiently, saying that with the opening of this new facility, the radar network for coast and border security, which is called the local network of the national shield network, has been completed.

He underlined that the Western District will have great effectiveness in performing all maritime tasks that lie within the area, and the search and rescue operations and coastal control to ensure the safety of sea passengers with its qualified and trained cadres.

For his part, Director-General of the General Directorate of Coast and Border Security Staff Brig. (Navy) Ali Ahmed Saif Al Badeed said that opening the center completes the series of successes sponsored by the Ministry of Interior, and as part of many vital projects that aim at ensuring security for citizens and residents.

He added that Umm Bab Center will be the main center for the management of the Western District, including a number of observation posts in order to strengthen and tighten security control over the country’s maritime and coastal borders.

He noted that the plan aims basically to secure all the coasts of Qatar, and this requires the establishment of highly qualified centers in certain areas in order to tighten security control, in cooperation with the concerned authorities. (MORE)

Meanwhile, Director of the Western District Administration Maj. Abdullah Saleh Malhieh said that Umm Bab Center is one of the most modern facilities of the General Directorate of Coast and Border Security to keep pace with the development and modernization at Directorate.

He explained that the Center was equipped with the latest surveillance, follow-up and tracking systems, through the installation of a comprehensive integrated radar system and surveillance cameras that are added to the national shield system, to secure the borders and coasts of the State in the Western District.

He added that that the center includes a modern communications system at the highest level of competence to deal with and follow up the search and rescue operations, and receive communications to control maritime and land operations in the scope of work of the Center.

He said that the Center has been equipped with modern boats to keep pace with the latest technology of the high speed boat industry and positioning techniques, in order to impose security control within the scope of the work of the Western District Administration.

The opening ceremony included a documentary film that showed the readiness of the General Directorate of Coast and Border Security in carrying out all maritime tasks, and its modern technical capabilities to carry out these tasks, in addition to the speedboats used in search and rescue operations, security surveillance and protection of the territorial waters of the State.

Source: Qatar News Agency