Intensive meetings and wide movements for the Chairman of the Committee in Washington

Dr. Ali Al-Marri, Chairman of the NHRC in Qatar met with Mr. Peter Kohares, Director of the US Security Project. He also held two seminars at the National Press Club in Washington, the first of which was attended by many representatives of major media organizations and press personalities and representatives of organizations and trade unions in Washington, including CNN, The Telegraph, MSNBC, CBS, Foreign Policy, and Wall street Journal. The seminars were attended by more than 100 personalities, including politicians, academics and leaders of American research centers. Dr. Al-Marri met with Sharon Moshavi, Senior Vice President, New Initiatives, International Center for Journalists, in the framework of reviewing the latest developments of the crisis and its implications on the human rights situation, as well as violations of international treaties, conventions and conventions. Dr. Al-Marri said during these meetings that the US and other countries must seek ways to stop violations before talking about mediation and political solutions, in addition to making the human rights file a priority over political agendas, while calling for the need not to prolong the misery of people under any pretext.

Dr. Al-Marri said during the meeting with the US Security Project that the countries of the blockade violated the basic principles of human rights, which will be reflected in the stability and security of the region and are actually threatened by international peace and security, pointing out that the NHRC calls for respect for human dignity and the need for security stability; where the principles of human rights are the red lines that should not be exceeded, no matter how much the differences are at the political level.

During the seminars held at the National Press Club in Washington, Al-Marri gave a detailed explanation of the repercussions of the siege imposed on the State of Qatar on the human rights situation in the Gulf region and discussed the violation of the right of freedom of opinion and expression by the countries of the blockade and their demands including the demand to shut down Al-Jazeera network and its channel, and stated that we stand united against the closure of any media in the world, The demand to close Al Jazeera is similar to the a demand to close CNN and BBC and other satellite channels.

Dr. Al-Marri extended an open invitation to all media representatives and press dignitaries to attend the international conference organized by the National Human Rights Committee in Qatar during the period from 24 and 25 of this month in Doha on Freedom of Opinion and Expression in the Face of threats in partnership with the International Federation of Journalists and the International Press Institute. Dr. Al-Marri said that the conference will be attended by more than 200 organizations and international personalities on to the media field and shall come out with recommendations to respect freedom of opinion and expression and guarantees to hold accountable perpetrators of crimes against journalists and promoters of hate speech and incitement. Al Marri introduced in the seminars the types and statistics of violations monitored by the NHRC since the beginning of the crisis including violations of the rights to freedom of movement and residence, family reunification, private property, the right to education and health as well as the right to practice religious rites, explaining the legal path taken by the Committee in the face of these violations.

In the same context, the chairman of the Committee met in Washington with a number of influential figures in the United States. On the sidelines of a dinner, Al-Marri reviewed the legality of the siege on the State of Qatar from the perspective of international law and human rights

Source: National Human Right Council