Information Minister eulogizes playwright Al-Qallaf

KUWAIT, March 30 (KUNA) — Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah eulogized pioneer artist of multiple talents Makki Al-Qallaf, who passed away late Tuesday at the age of 79.
In a press statement on Wednesday, Sheikh Salman, also Chairman of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) praised the hard work and efforts of Al-Qallaf, who was one of the top playwrights in Kuwait and the Gulf region. He also noted his role in developing theater and influencing other generations in the field.
Al-Qallaf started his media career through radio Kuwait, becoming one of the top directors and radio broadcasters by the end of the 50s and early 60s, while he began writing different works of comedy and radio shows later on.(end)