Infipro Inc Supports Aztelekom’s ‘Expansion of National Broadband Network’ Project


BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 4, 2015/PRNewswire — Aztelekom has launched the first phase of its project to increase access to broadband networks across Azerbaijan and grow the number of fixed-line broadband subscribers who can access these new regional telecommunication services. Infipro Inc supports this first stage of the ‘Expansion of National Broadband’ project as a Corporate Financial Advisor. As a result of successful cooperation with Infipro Inc, Aztelekom has attracted foreign investment and favourable financial income to the project. The organization plans to double the number of fixed broadband subscribers using their services by the end of the first phase of the project.

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The ‘Expansion of National Broadband Network’ project can be considered a significant contribution to the ‘Azerbaijan 2020: The Vision of the Future’ concept unveiled by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, Ilham Aliyev, on December 29, 2012. The main strategic line of the ‘Azerbaijan 2020′ economic policy introduced by the state includes developing non-oil sectors, diversifying the economy and establishing larger opportunities for development of new industries. The information and communication technologies (ICT) industry can play a significant role here as the leading non-oil sector. Azerbaijan’s ICT sector continues to develop dynamically and today’s statistics show that Azerbaijan ranks 64th among 166 countries for the development of ICT, ahead of its South Caucasian neighbours (according to the ICT Development Index’s 2014 report). As part of the Azerbaijan 2020 framework, a number of consistent measures to encourage innovative science and technology-related projects will be implemented.

‘Expansion of National Broadband Network’ conducted by Aztelekom is one such project. Its objectives are to:

- prioritize public access to ICT resources
- improve the quality of services currently in place
- and expand the infrastructure for internet services.

As part of the project, Aztelekom will commission and install new broadband technology in Azerbaijan’s major cities and regions. The Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic has confirmed that once the project is completed, the finished technical infrastructure will allow fixed line broadband to be supplied across the whole country.


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