Indian Health Ministry preparing to face Zika Virus amid global fears

NEW DELHI, Jan 29 (KUNA) — Indian Minister for Health Minister Family Welfare JP Nadda convened a high level meeting on Friday with the officials of Health Ministry and All India Institute of Medical Sciences to discuss the preparedness of the country to face Zika Virus.
The meeting has come following a warning issued by the World Health Organization to India and other countries to get ready for early detection of Zika Virus.
The Ministry for Health and Family Welfare said in a statement today that the meeting has decided to form a technical group immediately to monitor the global situation arising out of the spread of Zika Virus.
It added that in order to educate the people about the new virus, the ministry will immediately bring out a health advisory with details of precautionary measures.
Nadda said just after the meeting: “We are closely monitoring the situation and all necessary steps have been initiated to ensure that India is well prepared in case of any eventuality.” “We are focusing on especially strengthening the surveillance system,” he added, while indicating that preventive measures including stopping the Aedes mosquito which transmits dengue that breeds in clean water from spreading are must since the Aedes mosquito transmits Zika virus.
The Health Minister emphasized that there should be an increased focus on prevention to control the spread of the Aedes mosquito that breeds in clean water, the statement added.
Thousands of Indians die every year due to the communicable diseases including dengue and other mosquito transmitted diseases. (end)