IMPROVATE CleanTech & Renewable Energy Conference: “Countries that fail to join the cleantech revolution will pay a heavy price”

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TEL AVIV, Israel, March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IMPROVATE’s CleanTech and Renewable Energy international conference took place in Tel Aviv last week with the participation of energy, environment and infrastructure ministers from nine countries to promote technology collaboration between private sector companies and governments around the world.

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Against the background of recent regional energy agreements signed by Israel, an international clean energy and recycling conference took place in Tel Aviv last week. The conference presented technological solutions to increase production of renewable energy in view of the challenges presented by global climate change.

Among the participants at the conference were former Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev, Jacques Ipongo Kumalela, Secretary General of Infrastructures of The Democratic Republic of Congo; Temenuzhka Petkova, Minister of Energy of Bulgaria; Nicholas Christodoulidis, head of economic affairs at the embassy of Greece in Israel; Job D. Masima, Ambassador of The United Republic of Tanzania; and Reta Nega Alemu, Ambassador of Ethiopia Also attending were top global experts and leading Israeli technology and innovation companies from the cleantech and renewables sector.

IMPROVATE  Founder and Chair Irina Nevzlin said: “Clean energy is one of the most important issues facing the world today. We must strive toward a carbon-free future if we are to cut energy costs, stop global warming, and provide major economic benefits for developing countries.”

Dr. Avi Luvchik , head of business development at Capital Nature, an investment firm that focuses on groundbreaking technologies in areas of sustainability, said: “What connects the companies in our portfolio is that all of them have disruptive technologies that can provide solutions for the problems we face in these fields.”

Eitan Shmueli , CEO of MayMaan, which is reinventing the internal combustion engine with its Aquastroke modified piston engine that utilizes affordable, clean, and renewable fuel derived from 70% water and 30% ethanol. “The patented system generates power and torque comparable to diesel engines without bad emissions and reduces operating costs up to 50%. We aim to replace dirty engines starting with generators, trucks, locomotives, and range extenders for all electric vehicles.”

Boaz Weizer , CEO of Chakratec, a leading provider of energy storage solutions, based on its innovative flywheel technology said: “We are offering a solution of an energy storage system that boosts the grids in locations where you would like to set up fast charging infrastructure.”

Daphna Nissenbaum , CEO and co-founder of TIPA, a groundbreaking food tech company that is paving the way forward to solving the global plastic packaging crisis, said: “What we envision is packaging that actually emulates nature and can replace conventional plastic with a fully compostable solution that will decompose and biodegrade and return into nature within up to six months to become a new resource.”,”

Jack Bigio , CEO of UBQ Materials, which has developed one of the most promising advanced waste conversion technologies, converting household waste into a climate positive raw material for the manufacturing industry: “We are replacing fossil-based oil plastics and we are coming up with a very cost competitive material, and that is very important for the market to adapt,” Bigio said.

David Mayer , CEO Phinergy, which has developed a unique metal-air technology for energy generation and storage, which uses metals as a clean energy source, said: “We are already selling energy backup products for critical infrastructure, and we have programs for electric vehicles with three auto makers in India, where we show double and even triple driving range.”

Gil Tomer , Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of Airovation Technologies, an award-winning Carbon Capture technology firm that aims to tackle the global challenge of carbon emissions, said: “Essentially, what we invented is a highly efficient process to turn Carbon into Value. Selling these mineral end-products makes the total Carbon Capture process economically viable and, in some cases, even profitable”.

Doron Tamir  Co-Founder and CEO at Luminescent Power, whose innovative solar energy technology can produce 24/7/365 solar energy at a lower cost than any other technology. Tamir said: “The assumption for photovoltaic energy in 2050 is 8 cents per kwh, which is very expensive, but we at Luminescent can do it for exactly 5 cents in 2025. So that’s 25 years closer and a much better price.”

Dr. Ory Zik , CEOQnergy, which is bringing to market a maintenance-free power generator that helps fight climate change and strengthens resiliency,” said: “We constantly reduce our costs, therefore our price. So, our growth plan is to address larger and larger markets as our prices go down,” Zik said.

Dana Hubner , VP Business Development at WFI Group, an expert in the water treatment arena, stated: “Triple-T by WFI delivers clean, safe and affordable effluent via eco-friendly solutions, simplifying operation, minimizing equipment, labor and sludge, resulting in up to 80% OPEX and energy savings, wastewater autonomy and peace of mind.”

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