IMAFT members say determined to eliminate terrorism

RIYADH, March 27 (KUNA) — Chiefs of Staff of the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) said Sunday they were determined to fighting terror through enhancement of mutual cooperation.
The top officers, in a final communique at end of their meeting, underlined importance of the military action in the fight against terrorism.
They called for further coordination of military cooperation among IMAFT members, who should exchange information, planning and training in the fight against terrorism.
They called for the development of policies and legislations in order to step up fight against terrorism financing.
The top military officers asserted importance of collective action coupled with a comprehensive strategic planning to address terrorism and extremism, which were posing threat to international peace, security and stability.
“Extremism is an international phenomenon and terrorism does not belong to any faith,” they underlined.
They also called for stepping up the fight from the ideological approach, which could be done through promotion of values of tolerance, dialogue, rejection of hatred and violence.
Media have a great role to play against terrorism, they said, through combating sedition, calls for promotion of terrorism.
Advisor to Saudi Arabian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Asseeri had told the press earlier in the day that IMAFT was working to fight terrorism in accordance with international laws, stressing this fight did not only target the so-called Islamic state (IS) but terrorism in all its manifesations in general.
He said IMAFT member countries would focus on four major areas in the fight against terrorism: media, ideology, terror financing and military action. (pickup previous)