ILO concludes int'l labor criteria workshop

KUWAIT, March 17 (KUNA) — The International Labor Organization (ILO) concluded a three-day workshop on Thursday which dealt with international labor criteria, and equality in working place.
Abdullah Al-Mutawteh, deputy director general for manpower protection in the Public Authority for Manpower, said the workshop was part of a November 2014 partnership agreement with UN Development Program, ILO and the International Organization of Migration (IOM).
He said 20 people from different sectors took part in the workshop, which aimed at developing skills of employees.
UNDP’s resident coordinator Jaber Ali said participants got acquainted with major international labor agreements, discrimination between genders, forced labor and working hours.
Participants prepared and wrote reports related to the labor, he noted, and were briefed with the major working criteria set out by the ILO. (end)