HSC meets to discuss security developments.

HSC meets to discuss security developments.Monday , 24-10-2016 – 21:07:00

Tripoli, 24.10.2016(Lana) Political and Security developments in the country and measures to be taken by HSC over the storming of its premises by anti-political accord minority were debated at the meeting headed by HSC president, Abdulrahman Al Sawihli and his second deputy, Mohamed Emazeb in the presence of head of permanent committees. They confirmed that the HSC would go ahead with its duties according to the Political Accord and in such a way to restore peace and security. HSC also met with the acting Head of Staff of HSC with whom he discussed work of the diwan and restoring headquarters of the HSC to state control in coordination with the Presidency Council and Ministry of Interior, and the attorney General. =Lana=