HRH Premier: Bahrain will always support peace, development efforts

Manama, In a message to the world marking the International Day of Peace, which is observed on September 21, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa urged to respond to the call of global conscience to lay a solid foundation for comprehensive and just peace that enables people to live in harmony and welfare and paves the way for an active international partnership to achieve sustainable development that secures a more prosperous and reassuring future.

HRH the Premier, underlined the need for the international community to move towards a new forward-looking vision that works in accordance with a common collective will to press ahead with the international peace efforts by adhering to the lofty religious principles and values endorsed by international conventions. He stressed that peoples in the world are yearning for peace and stability to make up for missed life and advancement opportunities.

HRH the Prime Minister affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, has always supported and will continue to support efforts to achieve peace and promote growth and stability through its active participation in regional and international alliances seeking to foster global peace and security and fight all forms of terrorism. He described peace and stability as a fundamental pillar for development for prosperity can never be achieved in a volatile political, economic, social and environmental situation. Effective sustainable development is the one that heeds various challenges and puts solutions and initiatives to tackle them, he said.

HRH the Premier asserted that celebrating the International Day of Peace is an important occasion to inspire hope and remind the world of its responsibilities towards this dire goal for the present and future of mankind. He pointed out that the theme of this year, Climate Action for Peace, reflects the growing climate threat faced by mankind due to the catastrophes resulting from it and which affect development gains. He urged the international community to be up to its responsibility and harness efforts in facing one of the biggest challenges in the world. He also underscored environmental problems emanating from climate change, describing them as a real threat to the present and future of humanity as well as global security and stability.

HRH the Prime Minister emphasised the need to tackle those challenges through joint action to preserve human achievements and promote growth and prosperity. He called to map out an integrated international framework to handle climate change and reduce its effects, being a real threat global peace and development. He lauded the efforts of the United Nations and its specialised agencies to promote international peace, expressing hope for a unified will to work out a new reality where peace, cooperation and tolerance prevail.

Source: Bahrain News Agency