Home-grown brands changing the face of beauty


Slowly but surely, we are fighting against toxic beauty standards. Remember that having curly hair is nothing shameful, rather, it is a blessing

In the past few years, the Indonesian beauty industry has witnessed soaring growth, with the online community dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, and products continuing to thrive even as it redefines beauty standards.

According to the Central Agency of Statistics, in 2020, a year when the COVID-19 pandemic devastated economies across the globe, the industry recorded Rp99.33 trillion, or around US$7 billion, in revenue. The positive growth of 2.84 per cent has been attributed to a lifestyle shift among Indonesians.

A number of national media reports have chalked up this growth to an increase in online commerce amid the pandemic. The time spent at home to curb the infection curve perhaps heightened exposure to local beauty brands via online platforms, said market-watchers.

Nikita Wiradiputri, chief executive officer of Dear Me Beauty, said she believes that while trends are always changing, the standardization of beauty in Indonesia has only grown, with consumers continuously expecting something better than what they have seen before.

The beauty industry itself has grown out of the constraints of make-up and skincare products, she observed. Consumers now want to see the value behind local beauty brands and their identities, for things that they themselves can align with, she said.

The growing attention and demand for home-grown beauty brands has continued to push companies to continuously innovate, not only to create products but also to direct the narrative of the local beauty industry.

In the spirit of challenging the beauty standards and norms that have been embedded in Indonesia, Dear Me Beauty’s recent campaign #MakingBeautyBetterfocused on inclusivity.

“We want to revolutionize the existing stereotypical view of beauty. There are no limitations when it comes to beauty, not in terms of gender, skin color, age, or other people’s opinions, Dear Me Beauty believes that everyone has a right to determine their own beauty standards and we will continue to support that (notion),” Wiradiputri asserted.

Their launch campaign for a liquid foundation featured mature and male models and received positive feedback from consumers on Instagram, who embraced the brand’s fresh and innovative take on beauty.

Source: Antara News