Doha, – The Department of Physiotherapy at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently concluded a Water Specific Therapy Workshop offering hands-on hydrotherapy skills to its clinical physiotherapists.

Hydrotherapy (also known as aquatic therapy) is the use of exercises in a pool as part of treatment for various diseases or medical conditions. The pool is used to rehabilitate patients in an aquatic environment, usually those who are unable to exercise on dry land for various reasons. Hydrotherapy has many advantages in that it lessens the load on joints and can be used to improve joint range of movement, joint stability, and muscle strength. It can also be effective in improving general mobility, balance, and core stability.

“The objective of the week-long workshop was to upgrade the skills of our physiotherapists and enhance our physiotherapy practice at HMC by incorporating aquatic therapy protocols and evidence-based therapeutic interventions,” said Dr. Noora Al Mudahka, Chief of Physiotherapy at HMC.

The workshop, led by a veteran aquatic therapy expert, Johan Lambeck, was held at Qatar Rehabilitation Institute’s modernized high-tech therapeutic pool and focused on evidence-based patient treatment through clinical reasoning, hands-on teaching, and teaching-by-reasoning-and-doing.

Workshop participants received an international certification in aquatic therapy.(QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency