His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed: Commemoration Day a day of glory and pride for UAE.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, has said that Commemoration Day is a day of glory and pride for the United Arab Emirates.

“On this day, the UAE’s values of loyalty, belonging and love of the homeland are celebrated nationwide,” he said, adding that the sons and daughters of the UAE stand together with a great sense of pride as they solemnly commemorate the memory and ultimate sacrifices of our martyrs.

His Highness said, “Our martyrs gave up their lives for the sake of our nation, so that our flag keeps fluttering high in the skies of freedom. Indeed, no one is able to offer such an example as the selfless and ultimate giving of our martyrs, for they gave up their very own lives to keep us safe.”

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed said, in a statement marking the occasion, “Great nations are built with the bare hands of their sons and daughters, with their steadfastness, with their unconditional love and with their sacrifices. There is no greater sacrifice than giving one’s own life in the service of his or her own country; it’s this great sacrifice that we are solemnly and proudly commemorating on this day. The more the people are willing to sacrifice their own lives for their own nation, the stronger and more prosperous it becomes.”

“We, in the UAE, under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, are proud of our sons and daughters who offered unparalleled examples of giving and sacrifice. They did not hesitate to risk their lives above and beyond the call of duty, thus, they authored, with their very own blood, epics that depicted their courage and steadfastness in the battlefield of glory and honour. With such heroic actions, they reflected the real picture of the people of the UAE, who, throughout history, stood courageously in the defence of our homeland against threats to its integrity and unity.”

He underscored that President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s decision to dedicate 30th November as an annual occasion to commemorate our martyrs reflected the UAE’s pride in its sons who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland. His Highness added that this dedication shows that the UAE is very keen on keeping alive the memory of martyrs in the souls and minds of future generations, and that it is also keen on reminding them that their life of peace and prosperity would not have been possible without the sacrifice of our martyrs.

His Highness stressed that the heroic epics authored by our blessed martyrs were nothing new to the people of the UAE. Rather, they were the result of deep rooted Emirati values that have been passed from father to son throughout history. They are also a reflection of the values that were sowed in the fertile souls of our people by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founder of the Nation, and his brothers, the Founding Fathers.

“The sacrifices of our martyrs serve as a poof of the deep Arab roots of the UAE and its keenness to maintain the security and stability of sisterly nations as well as its readiness to extend a helping hand to them,” His Highness, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi continued, adding that the UAE plays this important regional role because it believes that its security, stability and prosperity are connected with those of the entire region.

Sheikh Mohamed said that the blood of our martyrs was not spilled in vain, because their heroic battles along with their Arab brothers played a crucial role in steering the entire region away from the path of chaos, destruction and terror – a dark path that some parties wanted to drive the region into. The path that our martyrs guided us to, and helped pave for us, is a path of stability and growth, a path that is allowing us to protect our countries and defend them against sectarian militias and terrorist groups that aim at nothing but wreaking havoc in the region, all in the service of a dark and demonic agenda, an agenda that includes nothing but bad news for the region.

His Highness commended the support that the UAE’s people extended to their armed forces, which were and will always be the fort against which dreams of the aggressor dissipate into oblivion. He also commended the people’s support of the martyrs’ families, pointing out that this nationwide sympathy with the families of the martyrs fortified the UAE and reinforced its cohesiveness and unity. It is from this cohesiveness and unity of the UAE, His Highness said, that we derive our confidence and strength in facing challenges and difficulties.

He also saluted the fathers and mothers of the martyrs for they raised their children on the values of loyalty and sacrifice, and taught them to love their homeland. Sheikh Mohamed said that the parents of martyrs offered outstanding examples of loyalty and patriotism when they said that the lives of their children were not more precious than the soil of the UAE, when they said that they were ready to sacrifice their own lives to protect our country. This patriotic spirit, His Highness said, makes us fuel our passion and gives us more strength and power to build a better future for the sons and daughters of our nation.

Addressing the parents of martyrs, Sheikh Mohamed said, “My message to you today is that the UAE, both the people and the leadership, are proud of you as much as they are proud of the martyrs. You are a symbol of patriotism and without your efforts, in raising your children on the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, we would not be standing here today on this great land, filled with pride in our sons and daughters, we would not be standing firmly and ready to step into a bright future.”

He reiterated the keenness of the UAE’s leadership to provide all forms of support to the families of the martyrs, stressing that the UAE will never forget the sacrifices of its martyrs and will be forever indebted to them and grateful for their sacrifices.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs