Highest temperature recorded in some regions of Azerbaijan over past 100 years

Baku: Over the past day, the highest temperature was recorded in some parts of the country, especially in western regions.

Director of the weather forecast bureau of the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Umayra Taghiyeva told APA that the temperature rose to 42° C in Ganja and about 40…42° C in Balaken-Sheki regions. These are record temperature indicators for the regions.

The highest temperature was recorded in Ganja, Balaken and Sheki regions over the past 100 years of weather observations.

Taghiyeva said that on these hot days, the highest temperature was not observed in Absheron peninsula and lowland regions.

Umayra also commented on the fact that the devices installed in the various bus stops indicate high temperature. “With full responsibility I can say that the forecasts we presented reflect the reality. Just people should know that the temperature is measured in meteorological stations installed in specific places in Azerbaijan as all over the world. And in those places the surface should be ground not asphalt. So asphalt surfaces in some parts of Baku, the density of the streets and other factors may affect the temperature indicators. However, the differences do not exceed 3-4 degrees. Therefore, the people who saw the 48° C or higher temperature indicators in some places should know that these data do not reflect the reality. Baku is not an African city. According to all weather observations, the temperature in the capital has not exceeded 41° C. The devices which indicate 48…51° C temperature have been installed under sun rays and as these devices are iron-based they heat quickly. And this affects the temperature indicators. Therefore, we ask the people to believe the forecasts we present. We are not interested in hiding any information”, she said.