High-level warning

High-level warningIf the president of a country expresses reproach by saying, andquotI have seen disrespect in my own community,andquot there must be a problem there. If a first lady says: andquotWe didnand#39t experience such things even in the Feb.

28 [1997] coup era I will break my silence,andquot it is also a sign of a severe problem I am talking about what President Abdullah Gul and his wife Hayrunnisa Gul said at the farewell reception for Gul as president [on Tuesday]. The Guls welcomed their guests at the ankaya presidential palace for the last time.

There was a wide range of people present, such as businesspeople and actors. I was among the guests at the reception.

What the Guls said following the reception stunned us all. I donand#39t need to remind you how moderate Guland#39s rhetoric usually is.

He does not react impulsively and weighs his words. He has been in politics since 1991.

If such a moderate and calm politician says, andquotI have seen disrespect,andrdquo then we should stop for a moment and think.(MUSTAFA uNAL, ZAMAN.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman