Warsaw, – HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani stressed that the State of Qatar and the Republic of Poland have strong ties, as political relations began 28 years ago, and that there was strong coordination between both sides in all international events.

HH the Emir said, in a joint press conference held with President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda after the signing of agreements at the presidential palace, that Qatar was committed to providing Poland with natural gas, and the past few weeks have seen the signing of another agreement to provide Poland with natural gas.

HH the Emir said that the two sides agreed to explore and encourage Qatari investments in Poland, particularly in the field of infrastructure as well as other fields such as tourism. HH the Emir then noted that cooperation talks focused on the health, education, and military fields as Poland has long experience in the field of military technology.

HH the Emir added that talks also focused on the central issue in the Middle-East which is the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as the United Nations’ and the Security Council’s inability to resolve this issue. HH the Emir expressed hope that there will be a fair solution to the issue as soon as possible, especially as it was a central one for Arabs and for the world.

HH the Emir noted that the two sides discussed terrorism and how to counter it given that Arabs and Muslims are the most affected by this loathsome phenomenon. HH the Emir said that the existence of terrorism was a result of the actions of governments against their people. As a result, His Highness added that countering terrorism militarily is important, but maintained that it would be a mistake to deal with one angle of terrorism and neglect the other, which is the main reason for its existence.

HH the Emir concluded his remarks by praising the level of bilateral cooperation and expressed full confidence that the future will hold positive developments in bilateral relations in all fields.

The President of the Republic of Poland welcomed in his remarks HH the Emir and the accompanying delegation, describing the visit of HH the Emir as historic and as a new starting point for ties that go back 28 years ago. The president added that the visit of HH the Emir will have tangible results, especially in the economic field.

The President noted that there was a business forum being held between the two sides. He also highlighted that Qatar was the biggest provider of natural gas to Poland, especially after the latest deal which will double the amount of natural gas provided to Poland. The President also noted that they discussed enhancing cooperation in a number of fields including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and food industry.

The president also expressed his admiration for the progress the State of Qatar is experiencing. He also praised its 2030 developmental plans and expressed his hope that Polish companies can play a part in Qatar’s preparations for hosting World Cup 2022. He also stressed that talks were positive and saw both sides exchange views on a number of regional and international issues. They discussed developments of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict, developments in Syria, counterterrorism efforts, as well as other issues of joint interest. He praised the prominent role Qatar plays in the international coalition for countering terrorism and expressed his hope that both sides can expand military cooperation. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency