Doha, – Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) recently published cancer incidence data for the year 2015 as per the information from Qatar National Cancer Registry (QNCR).

Data shows 1466 new cancer cases were diagnosed during the year 2015, among which 1417 cases were malignant and 49 were in situ, according to an MOPH press release.

Dr Salih Bin Ali Al Marri, Ministry of Public Health stated that National Health Strategy 2017-2022 is putting the foundations for a new phase for better health, better value and better care. He also said: We need to intensify efforts to understand the burden of disease as well as to continue measuring the efficiency and efficacy of public health programs and initiatives such as the National Cancer Screening Program. In addition to measuring, the efficiency of treatment and services provided.

Dr Salih also clarified that, QNCR is an important achievement and a vital source of information for policy makers and researchers who should maximize their use of it’s data and support its continuing development.

Dr Al-Hareth M. Al-Khater, Deputy Medical Director of the National Center for Cancer Care & Research, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and the clinical consultant for the QNCR pointed out the importance of the data in all fields of medicine. He also mentioned that HMC, being the main provider of the cancer data, is always supportive of the important & instrumental work of the QNCR.

Data shows that across all nationalities and all genders, the most common cancer was breast constituting 17.5% of all malignant cancer cases, followed by colorectal with a percentage of 10.23%. The prostate was the third most common cancer with 6.77% of all malignant cancer cases.

Within females of all nationalities, breast cancer was the most common malignancy; it counted for 39.41% of all female cancer cases, followed by the thyroid. In males, prostate cancer was the most common with 11.96% of all male cases, followed by colorectal cancer.

The incidence of the disease varies greatly across the world that Age Standardized Rate (ASR) among female Qatari of all ages was found to be 55.3 cases per 100,000 of the population, this rate stays within international values compared to more economically developed countries (MEDC) whereby ASR rates reach the 80 per 100,000 cases.

On the other hand, and amongst the cases reported with staging (TNM) values, 66% of the cases were diagnosed at early stage of the disease, that is stages I and II following the staging system of the American Joint Commission on Cancer AJCC.

Female breast cancer survival rate over the years 2013-2015 was 82.3%, which is relatively high; this reflects a high quality diagnostic and treatment services provided to cancer patients in Qatar.

Colorectal cancer still needs us to continue to work on preventive and curative programs, especially early detection and screening of the disease, as 68% of the cases were diagnosed with late stage. For this, and other reasons, Qatar established in January 2016 the national-based colorectal cancer-screening program to enhance early detection of the disease. The results of this great effort will appear in the coming years.

Amongst the pediatric population of the age range 0-14 of all nationalities, 54 new cancer cases were diagnosed during the year 2015. Blood cancer (Leukemia) was the most common; it counted for 46.3% of all pediatric cancers, followed by brain cancer.

Cancer Deaths among Qataris were 79 cases for the year 2015, which represents 30% of all deaths related to cancer. Breast was the most common cause as it reached 19% of the cancer deaths among Qataris, followed by lung with 16.46% of cases and colorectal with 12.66%.

In the pediatric population of the age range 0-14 years old of all nationalities, death accounted for 2% of all death cases during the year 2015, 50% of these cases were related to brain tumors.

The Qatar National Cancer Registry provides comprehensive data on cancer cases diagnosed annually in the country. Its sources cover all public and private health sectors. The QNCR follows the National Cancer Program of the Ministry of Public Health. This program is the framework that defines the national approach to dealing with cancer in the State of Qatar. It aims to reduce the burden of cancer in the country while ensuring that the services offered to treat the disease are among the best in the world, to improve the outcome of cancer control. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency