HE Sheikh Joaan: Qatar Proved to be the Capital of World Sport


In a statement about plans to prepare Olympic champions who are able to win medals and achievements, HE Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Thani, the President of the Qatar Olympic Committee, said that the three medals that were achieved in Tokyo, will be a new start for Qatari sport in general, and that the Olympic champions industry needs great work and talents. It can be refined and developed to reach international levels, and thus compete in the Olympic Games.

HE Sheikh Joaan added: We in Qatar have cadres and talents that bode well in more than one game, and we will work hard in cooperation with sports federations and Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence (Aspire Academy), to refine the age groups, harness all capabilities to raise their levels, and reach them to the world, like Moataz and Faris, and we hope, At the same time, we will spare no effort to see other Qatari athletes on the podiums at the next Olympic Games in three years, and although the task will not be easy, we are confident that it is possible because we always have the determination and will to succeed.


Source: Government of Qatar