HE the prime minister and interior minister added that Qatar, under the wise leadership of HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, took that approach and path and boosted it recently with a big number of initiatives to develop the business environment by developing cooperation between the public and private sectors and providing support for the private sector to carry out its role across the different economic sectors.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser noted that Qatar will continue its efforts to enhance the business environment, open the sphere for domestic and foreign investments, and increase the private sector’s participation in huge development projects. Among these initiatives is the recent announcement on facilitating work visas and granting tourist visas to people of some countries, including India.

The prime minister reaffirmed that Qatar enjoys advanced rankings on business environment indices as it ranked 14th out of 140 states on the Global Competitiveness Report according to the World Economic Forum. Qatar is currently working to execute projects at a total cost of more than $100 billion and contracts are expected to be signed for new projects worth up to $12 billion in 2017, HE the premier said.

In light of the policy of Qatar’s government in increasing the private sector’s role in the execution of these projects, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser said, there are several opportunities that “we invite you to exploit in order to enhance economic cooperation and investments between Qatar and India in the coming phase.” HE noted that the Indian expat community in Qatar is the biggest in the country and is well taken care of as it plays a role and contributes to the economic development.

HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani extended his thanks to Indian businessmen for their participation in the meeting, wishing that the meeting will achieve the desired goals so as to serve the mutual interests and meets the aspirations of both countries in promoting economic cooperation and investments so as to achieve sustainable development.

Source: Qatar News Agency