HE Advisory Council Speaker Hails Qatar’s Comprehensive Development

Doha, November 06 (QNA) – HE the Speaker of the Advisory Council Mohamed bin Mubarak Al-Khulaifi expressed his sincere appreciation to HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani for inaugurating the 41st Ordinary session of the Advisory Council.
HE Al-Khulaifi expressed in a speech he delivered on this occasion his genuine gratitude to HH the Emir for the vast support extended to the Council.
He also stressed that the Council will remain as entrusted and will exert its utmost energies, and will spare no effort in assuming the trusteeship of the assigned responsibility and to direct its focus on supreme objective, which is the public interest of the country and its loyal citizens.
HE the Advisory Council Speaker noted that the Council’s members listened with considerable attention to the extensive speech of HH the Emir in which he stated the main features of the State’s domestic and external general policy in the light of the current situations and the existing complicated circumstances and the emerging issues in the regional and international arenas.
HE Al-Khulaifi praised HH the Emir’s prudent policy and farsighted orientations that resulted in sustained security, safety, established peace and stability in all corners of the country, beside maintaining the strength and the power of the national economy and the effort to develop it in addition to the distinguished leaps that the country witnessed in all fields.
Addressing HH the Emir, the Advisory Council Speaker said “On the domestic front, Your Highness have provide all means and capabilities for building a promising future, and the comprehensive development procession continued in all sectors, including health, educational, construction, infrastructure, communication and other sectors. Further to that, the Qatari woman has joined the line of work in various and diversified fields and has proven her competence and merits.”
HE the Speaker of the Advisory Council Mohamed bin Mubarak Al-Khulaifi noted in his speech that the Palestinian case is the Arab and Muslims topmost priority concern, where the peace process is stalled since Israel renegaded its promises, adding “as Israel heightening its arrogance and ruthless killings of the Palestinian people, destroying their homes and continues actively executing its strategy which aim to Judaizing the Holy city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), not to forget to mention the systematic abusive practices and violations targeting the Palestinian people.”
HE Al-Khulaifi praised HH the Emir’s kind positions on extending continuous support and aid fro the Palestinian cause through the patronage in all of the international forums and the vigorous effort to break the cruel blockade imposed on Gaza Strip.
He stressed that HH the Emir’s historical visit to Gaza Strip at the end of the month of October 2012, is recorded in bright and shining pages embodied the depth and strength of the fraternal relations that bond the Qatari people and their Palestinians brothers.
He also noted that HH the Emir’s gratuity for the reconstruction of Gaza and the supply of Gas for operating the power station has confirmed the solidification of meaning the Arabic brotherhood and the genuine stands of the state of Qatar.
The state of Qatar has supported the people of the countries that witnessed the revolution of the Arabic Spring and stood beside them and financially supported these countries to assist them to achieve the development, prosperity and human decent living for their people, he added.
HE Mohamed bin Mubarak Al-Khulaifi expressed pain over the tragic humanitarian situation faced by the Syrian people, saying “If we turn to the prolonged and aggravated Syrians crisis, the Council is expressing its deep agony about the tragic human situation facing our brotherly Syrian people with continuous bloodshed and the maltreatment of maltreatment and abuse of innocents at the hands of the Syrian regime forces.”
“Since the beginning of the uprising, the Syrian people made significant sacrifices for the sake of achieving it aspiration for freedom, justice, and equality and at the end, the people emerge victorious,” he said.
HE also noted “As the Gulf Countries Cooperative Council summit is set to meet in our sister Kingdom of Bahrain during the coming month of December 2012, the Advisory Council is looking forward for the summit achieve much of the aspirations and hopes of the peoples in the gulf Countries.”
At the end of his speech, HE the Advisory Council Speaker renewed the Council’s loyalty to HH the Emir, saying  “The Council would like to take this opportunity to renew the pledge of allegiance to your Highness, the Emir for this giving country, a leader and care taker for its blessed march for comprehensive development, promising the Almighty Allah to stand behind your prudent leadership. We pray to the Almighty Allah to protect and guide your Highness for the good of this nation and the humanity at large.” (QNA)

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