Hani Al Hamli; “Promising investment opportunities to enhance UAE-China partnership”

WAM Dubai, 30th July 2013 (WAM) — China is an exciting development experience for many countries of the world and has been able to boil down decades to turn into the second largest economy in the world, and the locomotive of world trade, said Hani Al Hamli Secretary-General of the Dubai Economic Council (DEC).

He added that China stands today at the forefront of the strategic partners of the UAE and Dubai, and there are broad prospects for strengthening this partnership which serve the development programs in the both countries. Al Hamli stressed that the DEC seeks to deepen the partnership between Dubai and China by proposing mechanisms and policies and communicating with the various economic departments in China.

Hani Al Hamli’s remarks were made during a meeting with a Chinese delegation from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Linyi Branch Office and Linyi Chamber accompanied by a number of Chinese leading businessmen, who are specialized in the field of retail, glass industry and recycling.

The Chinese delegation included Mrs. Yue Lijuan, President Party Secretary, CCPIT Linyi Branch, CCOIC Linyi Chamber, Mr. Xu Tiecheng, General Manager of the Shandong area, China Recycling Development Corporation Ltd., Mr. Zhang Hongzi, Xukun Lighting Appliances Co. Ltd. Shandong, Mr. Cao Jilian, Chairman of Shandong Lanhua Group, and the former Chinese Vice Consul in Dubai.

At the meeting which took place at the DEC office both parties discussed means of boosting bilateral economic and investment relations.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al Hani demonstrated a detailed explanation about the most important economic developments in Dubai. He pointed out that Dubai has managed over the years to prove itself as a regional, global trade hub providing state of the art logistics, thanks to its modern infrastructure and extensive network, including shipping lines and transport with the highest international standards, making it an attractive environment for investors from all over the world.

He added that Dubai also has strong bilateral business relationships with a number of countries, from the east and the west, but the relationship with China is of special strategic significance beyond the tradition to affect vital areas such as energy, industry and infrastructure, in addition to a number of strategic projects in the pipeline by major Chinese companies. Al Hamli also pointed out that the DEC has been always present in several activities which took place in China.

For his part, Mrs. Yue Lijuan, President Party Secretary, CCPIT Linyi Branch, CCOIC Linyi Chamber, expressed admiration for the urban and cultural development witnessed in Dubai. Emphasizing that logistics enjoyed by the emirate comparable to those available in the city of Linyi, which makes Dubai the first destination for the Chinese foreign investments, this along with the strong relations between the People’s Republic of China and the UAE. She added that the Government of China is supporting the creation and development of several projects in the Emirates. These include: tourism, industry and retail in addition to recycling. The Chinese government is currently following an expansion policy which supports government owned companies large expansion across continents through the opening of branches in many countries around the world and seeks to explore investment opportunities in retail, industry, tourism, recycling, energy, real estate and others. She also said that the UAE leads the list of countries that want to invest in them. Mrs. Lijuan called DEC to sign a cooperation agreement to support the successful implementation of Chinese future projects in Dubai.

In this context Al Hamli said that that the UAE welcomes Chinese investment in all areas, focusing on tourism, especially in light of Dubai vision 2020 to develop the tourism sector launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The goal is 20 million tourists and AED 300 billion in tourism revenues annually by 2020.

The DEC Secretary-General pointed out the importance of clean and renewable energy in the process of sustainable development, highlighting the aspirations of the Government of the UAE in reducing emissions and preserving the environment through relying on scientific research on clean energy and other methods. Mr. Al Hamli referred to efforts of the Governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in this regard.

Prof. Abdulrazak Al Faris, DEC Chief Economic Counselor, said that Dubai represents a point of connection between industrialized countries, where statistics show the role played by Dubai in linking exporting countries, importing markets and re-export. The UAE is one of the important markets in the region and the world.

Al Faris said that Dubai’s deliberate policy of investing heavily in transport, telecommunications, energy and industrial infrastructure has enabled it to have one of the best infrastructure facilities in the world; it also contributed significantly both to its ongoing prosperity and attractiveness to international business.


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