Greenstone Equity Partners Appointed to Secure Cornerstone Gulf Investors for Major New Satellite TV Launch

NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2013 / PRNewswire – Greenstone Equity Partners, a Dubai based investment advisory firm, has been appointed by EMM to oversee the launch of a new Gulf-based satellite TV channel in conjunction with other major media companies. The anticipated launch date of this new channel is slated for early next year. The new satellite TV channel, whose name will be made public next year, will also be available to viewers in an online format.

Greenstone’s Managing Director, Omar Al-Gharabally, stated, “We are eager to oversee the launch of such an innovative addition to available media programming.” Additionally, Mr. Al-Gharabally stated, “With international media firms now focusing close attention on the Gulf region, EMM’s vision provides substantial opportunity for Gulf- based investors who see the strategic prospects the channel offers.”

EMM’s new satellite TV Channel will be led by EMM’s CEO, Nicholas Claxton, who will spearhead the business as a whole. “We are delighted to have Greenstone on board as our Gulf based investment advisors and their track-record across the region has been a major factor in our appointing them,” says Claxton.

Nicholas Claxton has a wealth of broadcasting and digital experience. He is a former Managing Director of several UK based independent production companies and has worked with many of the world’s leading broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic, A&E Network, among several others. He is also an Emmy award-winning Producer/Director and holds several other international awards for a variety of multi-genre programming.

The new Satellite channel will be produced and broadcast from the Twofour54 facilities in Abu Dhabi. Twofour54, named after the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi, focuses on developing Arabic media presence across a range of media outlets. “Twofour54′s commitment to make Abu Dhabi a regional media hub for the Arabic media industry was a major factor in our decision making process” says Claxton. Wayne Borg, Twofour54′s Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer said, “We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with EMM.”

The new channel will contribute substantially to the TV production value chain in Abu Dhabi, with production companies, content providers, freelancers, and service providers expected to greatly benefit. “For the independent production sector across the Gulf and MENA region as a whole, EMM will be a commercial game changer,” said Claxton. Claxton further stated that the “TV programming will be distinctive, innovative and with high production value.”

About Greenstone Equity Partners:  Web:( Based in Dubai and New York, Greenstone Equity Partners is a MENA-focused boutique investment and advisory firm specializing in multi-sector, advisory, fund placement, investment, consulting and deal structuring transactions.

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