Greater Amman Municipality Declares State of Emergency Due to Weather Conditions

Amman – The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has declared a moderate state of emergency in response to an air depression northeast of Cyprus and an accompanying cold air mass. The declaration, effective Sunday morning, is a precautionary measure to prepare for the expected weather conditions.

According to Jordan News Agency, GAM spokesperson Naser Rahamneh informed that GAM personnel are ready to respond to any emergencies reported to the Tela’ Al-Ali emergency room. He urged the public to use the unified call center numbers (102 and 117180) to report any observations or incidents.

To ensure public safety, GAM has issued several advisories. Residents are advised to avoid valley streams and low-lying areas, not to connect house gutters to sewage outlets to prevent overflow onto roads, and to refrain from randomly discarding waste to avoid clogging rainwater drainage lines. Additionally, GAM highlighted the need for checking submersible pumps in stores and basements below street level. Retailers are advised to be cautious when storing merchandise in warehouses and settlement floors. Contractors and owners of construction projects are urged to secure building materials to prevent erosion and closure of rainwater drainage lines.

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