Great Kurultaj brings together Turkic-Hun peoples

By: Nigar Orujova

A Great Kurultaj symbolizing the unity of the Turkic-Hun world has ended at Kiskunsag National Park in Bugac, Hungary, Culture and Tourism Ministry reported.

Organized by the Hungarian Turan Fund, Kurultaj is aimed at preserving ancient traditions of two nations. It serves as a revival of ancient Hungarian and other nomadic cultures, paying tribute to two sides’ great ancestors.

Within the framework of the event, the organizing party builds a large nomadic village that contains many yurts. A large number of horses also participate in this event, which is held in one of the centers of the Hungarian shepherd culture and equestrian sport.

The fifth Kurultaj was a notable event with the large number and range of the participating countries. Over 200,000 people attended the festival.

Azerbaijan was presented at the event by MPs Ganira Pashayeva, Javanshir Feyziyev, Faraj Guliyev, chairman of the Press Council Aflatun Amashev, journalists, scientists and cultural figures, as well as the ensemble of ancient music instruments.

Battle scenes with soldiers in ancient costumes were staged and various competitions were held at the opening ceremony.

Deputy-speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Sandor Lejak stressed that the Kurultaj is a great contribution to the friendship between the peoples.

Chairman of the Hungarian Turan Fund Andras Biro and chairman of the main faction of the Hungarian Parliament, “For a Better Hungary – Jobbik” Gabor Vona tell the audience about the Turkish-Hungarian relations, the ancient roots of the Hungarians. It was also noted that the event would further develop relations between Hungary and Turkish people.

The oath ceremony on the eternal brotherhood of the Turkic peoples was also held at the Kurultaj. The event continued with a cultural program that included masterful performance of the Azerbaijan’s Ensemble of Ancient Musical Instruments.

On the last day of the Kurultaj, ceremonies of ancient Turkic world has been presented. Various exhibitions, competitions and fairs were held during the event.