Gov't has no interest in meddling in sport affairs – Info. Min.

KUWAIT, June 19 (KUNA) — The government has no interest in meddling in sports because sport is not related to a federation but athletes, in compliance with article 10 of the constitution about taking care of the youth, Information Minister said Sunday.
“The government did not interfere in the Kuwaiti sport but in supporting the club and sport federations with billions of Kuwaiti Dinars throughout their history,” Sheikh Salman Al-Sabah, also Minister of State for Youth, said in answering some questions by MPs during today’s parliamentary session.

Sheikh Salman underlined that the government was keen on lifting the international ban on Kuwaiti sport.
“The ban will be lifted when the chairman of Kuwait Olympic Committee and President of Kuwait Football Federation has the courage and works for the interest of Kuwait not his own, and informs the International Olympic Committee and FIFA that there is no complain on the sport” in Kuwait, he said.
He said today’s bill that was approved by the parliament aimed at “not rewarding those who provoke international (sport) authorities” to suspend Kuwait.
“The documents will be disclosed in due time so that everyone will know who was behind the suspension, he said.
Sheikh Salman asserted that the government has been forced to issue few laws to enable general assemblies of sport authorities to meet, but it was surprised with a a letter from Kuwait Olympic Committee on July 30, 2015 that it would suspend sport in Kuwait. (pickup previous)